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Welcome to our church website! We're glad you found us!

Ingleside Baptist Church is a Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing, Christ Exalting Baptist Church.

Our Church is founded on Old-Fashioned Worship and

King James Bible Preaching. It is our goal that individuals have a relationship with Christ through preaching, teaching, and Christian fellowship. We do not use the modern day, contemporary methods and styles of worship, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, reach people the Bible way.

It's through the power of the preached word of God that lives are changed! You'll find helpful messages, heart-felt music and worship, family, friends and fellowship here at Ingleside. Look no further, at Ingleside Baptist Church, you will find that our church really does care for you and your family. Please join us this week in one or all of our services and experience the warm, welcoming atmosphere that we enjoy here at Ingleside. Our church family is growing and finding lasting joy, unmeasurable peace, answers for life and the hope for eternal life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are taught in the scriptures that the greatest possession that anyone could ever have is a relationship with the Lord! We invite you and your family

to come worship with us the way church used to be.



       Pastor Shane Ezell

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