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We at Ingleside Baptist Church

would like to introduce you to our Pastor and his family....


We are truly thankful for our Pastor & his family, we love each of them very much!

We're also thankful for the time the Lord has given them here at Ingleside.

The Ezell family came to Ingleside Baptist Church as Pastor 11 years ago in 2012.

Pastor Shane and Mrs. Ashley have three children: Brayden, Maddox & Kole.

Pastor Ezell has worked very hard and earned many degrees through Foothills Theological Seminary.

In 2009 he graduated with an Associates degree, in 2011 a Bachelor of Theology, in 2012 a Master of Ministry and 2013 a Doctor of Ministry.

We are spiritually proud of our Pastor and his family. We are grateful for the way the Lord has used them in our lives and at Ingleside Baptist Church. We pray that God continues to use them and bless them in a mighty way!

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