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Our Pastor

Hallelujah for a Pastor, that'll stand up and preach;

And with the guidance of the Lord, the church he will lead.

Thank God for his courage, his back-bone, his heart;

The fact that he is willing, to do more than just his part.

I'm thankful for his prayers, his love, his concern;

I'm grateful for his preaching, his teaching and all that I have learned.

What a shepherd our Pastor is, as he tends to the flock;

Fighting off the devil, with the precious Word of God.

So, we're grateful for our Pastor, and this place that's fell his lot;

We're thankful for his calling, as a true man of God.

Lord, help us to back our Pastor, as he boldly takes a stand;

Always praying for him, as we're holding up his hands.

Written by - John Carl Lancaster III

September 28th 2017

To my Pastor, Dr. Shane Ezell

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